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Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered!

Have another question? email us at

How to place an order

Select a product you like and start with quote, upload your logo or directions of what you need us to print on your shirts. 

 We will reply with a quote via email. This quote will include a digital sample that can be easily paid online. This is how a quote looks like:


How long does an order take to be completed?

After sample is approved and payment is made by the customer, orders are ready in 5-10 working days. Our team will send an email to notify you as soon as the order is ready. 


What is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing shirts is a great way to create custom apparel with your own design, logo, or slogan.


 The process of screen printing involves creating a stencil – typically made of mesh stretched over a frame – that ink is pushed through onto the fabric of the shirt. This process can be done either manually or with the help of a press machine, depending on the size and complexity of your order.


 The resulting prints are long-lasting, vibrant, and capable of withstanding multiple washes. Whether for personal use or promotional purposes, screen printing ensures high-quality, visually appealing t-shirts that stand the test of time.


How do I know when my order is ready?

As soon as your order is ready, you will get an email confirmation with a note that your order is ready for pick-up or delivery .

r if customer request shipping via UPS, and we will provide a tracking number.


What is the minimum order?

Please note that our minimum order requirement is 24 pieces. We understand that everyone comes in different sizes, which is why we give you the flexibility to choose from a variety of t-shirt sizes within your order. 


What if I have a low resolution artwork?

t is important to for us to have a logo that looks sharp so we can deliver a crisp and professional print on your shirts.


 We offer logo vector logo recreation. Send us your artwork and we will make sure you get a high quality print!


Do you ship orders nationwide?

We do! we offer nationwide shipping with UPS and we provide tracking numbers as soon as the order is shipped.

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