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Ready to Start your Printing Experience.

Screen printing is still the best way to print apparel in quantity.

Screen printing is the art of using silkscreens to combine and layer individual colors to create a final image.
‍Since we typically print on fabric, which is porous and uneven, we do not use traditional CMYK, or "4 color process" printing similar to a magazine.   Each image must be broken down, or color separated, then artfully reconstructed to represent your original artwork on apparel. 

Tana prints full-color images on all types of garments better than anyone else in the nation, and our library of ink colors is unmatched!


I've been dealing with shirt business for over 25 years

in my several different companies.

I had an excellent service with great delivery.
Working with Tony it was an entirely different experience, with the quality of the shirts to the service,

it felt like I'm working with family. 

Tony took it to the next level. Thank you, Tony,

for the hoodies, sweat, and t-shirts.
Service and quality are above and beyond.

I ordered my shirts on Monday and they already came in before the week was over! Amazing service and such a helpful staff and my shirts came out beautiful I couldn't ask for more!

The price point was

excellent and I will definitely be

ordering more next time!

I priced around over the course of six weeks for custom t-shirt providers since we weren't in a rush during our renovations. During that time, I received prices from about a dozen and a half different companies (online and locally). Half of the companies claimed there were too many colors in our logo and the other half said they could do it. Tony beat the prices of literally each company by several hundred dollars, even the ones who were using less colors.

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