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My company offers a variety of products such as: silk screen & embroidery apparel , banners , trade show exibits, and complete full color process printing needs. Check out the web site daily for t-shirt & apparel closeouts, deals, specials and over runs.

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My Story

My name is Anthony and I am the founder, lead creative owner and director of  tonytshirts. I’m a straight forward thinking versatile designer with a diverse range of skills that "span from fashion design and graphics, to full color process printing".


My thirty years of Design, Art Direction and Merchandising experience allows me to create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate your audience.  I help make organizations and individuals recognizable with head turning results. Whether you are a building a business or a large corporation, I have the knowledge and skill-set to aid you in achieving your goals and know the importance of great advertising. I know what it takes to make a dream a reality,

an ordinary name to a household name. 


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